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Danna-san’s English Diary

Hello, This is Danna-san today. Yana is currently in bed dying from a cold, so today we talk about the differences between Japan and America in a certain topic. Today i wanted to talk about another thing that is close to my heart and that is meat, beef in particular . I come from one of the largest meat producing states in America and me and my family used to raise cattle so this topic relates to me directly in a way. Japan and America differ greatly in how they eat beef. Japanese mostly prefer thin soft cuts with fat in between . I assume this is mostly due to the beef being easier to eat with chopsticks this way . Americans on the other hand tend to prefer their beef the complete opposite, Thick lean cuts of beef are the norm here. Many people do like soft meat though but here instead of eating the fatty portions of meat which are naturally soft we tend to use many different types of marinades and sauces to make the meat tender from the outside. Many cities and states in the United States have their traditional sauces which use everything from soft drinks, like Dr. Pepper or 7UP, to fruits to vinegar and mustard to soften the meat . You can sometimes learn where someones hometown is from the sauce they prefer on their meat. This big difference in the way meats are eaten did irk me somewhat when I first moved to Japan but I slowly learned to love it and now get the urge to eat some nice thin cuts from time to time. I’m sure my wife has a hard time when eating beef here in The States at times but I’m sure she will get use to it and maybe even make her own sauce one day. I cant wait to give it a try.




*by her husband:
If you thought the language is too difficult, blame Yana. Because she said the last one is too easy!!

Thank you for reading!



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